Our Docs

Pro-Holistic Care is truly a family Practice Dr. Rae Bouvin and Dr. Edgardo Vargas met in Chiropractic school.  They Married in 2008 and opened the practice in 2009.  They live in Chicago with their three sons who you may occasionally see in the office getting their weekly adjustments.

Dr. Rae Bouvin is a Chicago native. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences from Bradley University in 2002. An avid water skier, she began seeing a chiropractor for neck pain after an injury during her childhood. The success with those treatments and her increase in overall wellness sparked an interest in becoming a chiropractic physician. Dr. Bouvin attended National University of Health Sciences and graduated with a Doctorate of Chiropractic and certification in Acupuncture in 2006, where she also earned a second Bachelor’s Degree in Human Biology. During chiropractic school, Dr. Rae found out her neck injuries from continued water skiing were quite severe when she woke up with limited use of her left arm and inability to hold up her head.  Thankfully, she was in the right place.  Through chiropractic care she has fully recovered and avoided surgery.  This experience has made Dr. Rae very passionate about sharing chiropractic care with the world. Dr. Rae strives to bring holistic and chiropractic care to the entire family. She has completed her coursework for a certification in pediatrics and also focuses on women’s health and wellness.   

Dr. Edgardo Vargas is from Ponce, Puerto Rico.  Dr. Vargas was Studied at the