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With our patients’ safety and our staff as our top priority, 
We are constantly updating our Covid-19  policies.
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11/1/2020 TO 12/31/2020

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At Pro-Holistic Care we continue with our commitment 
to improved the health of our community in this unprecedented times.
We are following the IDPH and CDC Covid-19 Safety guidelines to 
prevent the propagation of the virus and to continue serve you.
Send us a text any time: 773-790-3772. 
Stay Safe, Stay Healthy! 
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Chiropractic Care - Allow your body to function at its highest level. As chiropractors, we identify and eliminate areas of nerve interference and irritation in the spine caused by misalignments. Eliminating this interference can cause pain relief and improves overall functioning of the entire body, including better immune function, digestion, better sleep and less stress. At Pro-Holistic Care, we use the most innovative methods of chiropractic treatment to meet the needs of our patients and obtain better results. We offer a safe, effective and gentle chiropractic treatment for the whole family. LEARN MORE

Acupuncture is over-2,000-5,000 year-old practice of tapping needles into the bodies in order to help the body to heal from ailments is growing in the West at an unprecedented rate. Though modern studies are just beginning in the field of scientific research, they are confirming what the people of Eastern Asia have known to be true for thousands of years: that acupuncture is effective for treating a vast range of conditions, from physical pain to emotional pain, from women’s health to athletic injury. LEARN MORE

Functional and laboratory testing. No general screening test is more efficient, effective and affordable than a comprehensive blood chemistry panel. It allows the healthcare provider to establish a baseline of biomarkers to track your health and nutritional needs. Getting a blood test is essential to understanding your current health. Our Laboratory evaluation is an innovative, scientific-based look at nutritional strengths and weaknesses through an individual’s blood test and analysis of hair, urine, and stool. This scientific approach can offer a clear plan for your optimum health. LEARN MORE

Our weight loss services begin with a comprehensive evaluation. Going beyond standard weight loss programs, we identify the issues that cause patients to gain weight and keep them from losing despite diet and exercise, such as adrenal fatigue, toxicity, and abnormal blood levels. Our individualized weight loss plans address all findings from the evaluation and may include nutritional counseling. cleansing, food allergy and sensitivity testing, and exercise plans. LEARN MORE

Food Sensitivity / Allergies were first recognized by the famous Greek physician Hippocrates when he recorded that milk could cause gastric upset and hives. He observed that many symptoms associated with serious disease were the result of eating foods that one was sensitive to. Today food allergies are commonly associated with a wide range of symptoms and medical conditions such as migraines, irritable bowel, colitis, autoimmune diseases, hyperactivity, asthma, eczema, fatigue, and much more. LEARN MORE
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