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Let's Keep The Weight Down!

At Pro-Holistic Care, we take weight loss seriously. We find that many of our patients believe they eat healthy foods, exercise regularly, and live a healthy lifestyle, but they weigh more than they should and they don’t know why. In most cases, people have difficulty losing weight because their hormones and nutrition are out of balance. Thus, the key ...

Fitness Wednesdays - Dips Tutorial

The dip is an exercise used in strength training. Narrow, shoulder-width dips primarily train the triceps, with major synergists being the anterior deltoid, the pectoralis muscles (sternal, clavicular, and minor), and the rhomboid muscles of the back (in that order) Consult prior to start any exercise routine and subscribe to our channel Dr. Vargas

Lower your Blood Pressure

Lower Blood Pressure: Surprising New Study Ronald Grisanti D.C., D.A.B.C.O., D.A.C.B.N., M.S. There is now a new natural weapon to combat against the growing population of high blood pressure sufferers. Now this new weapon is as close as your backyard. What I am talking about is good old sunlight. Blood pressure levels are commonly higher during win...

Monday Weight Loss, Fasting and More- Fasting and Cancer Prevention

Cancer is a terrible disease, characterized by uncontrolled growth of cells. Fasting has been shown to have several beneficial effects on metabolism that may lead to reduced risk of cancer. “Everyone has a physician inside him or her; we just have to help it in its work. The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in gett...

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