The Clinic

Pro-Holistic Care located at 2609 W. Lawrence Ave Chicago, IL is a holistic family health and wellness center located in the heart of the Lincoln Square neighborhood in Chicago. At Pro-Holistic, we believe that optimal health can be achieved naturally, through Chiropractic care, nutrition, physical fitness, and an overall healthy lifestyle.

Too often these days people are not given the chance to participate in and enhance their own healthcare experience and options.  Pro-Holistic Care aims to change that! Healthcare does not have to be robotic, boring and cold.  We want you to enjoy your visit to the doctor and be actively involved in the process of getting healthy. Who said healthcare can't be fun!

We use innovative techniques to treat overall health, focusing on the whole body rather than a particular ailment. Our thinking is, if we fix your back pain but you still have insomnia and constipation, we haven't really done our job. Just getting rid of one symptom is not going to make you live a happier, healthier, more abundant life.   However, improving your health head to toe will.  We’ve had success helping patients of all ages with pain, stress, weight loss, pre and post-natal care, fertility and many many more health concerns.

At Pro-Holistic, we will design a custom health plan that addresses all of your needs. Whether you need help treating a minor ailment or are dealing with a chronic condition our knowledgeable and caring doctors can find a natural treatment that works.

It’s never too late to improve your health and wellness. Visit Pro-Holistic Care today to take the first step in your journey to better health.