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3 main reason why I believe everyone needs a Chiropractor

Chronic Disease Prevention


As a Chiropractor I believe that everyone deserve to learn how to be healthy with efficient natural treatments, proper lifestyle changes,  and that when we combine this methods with traditional medical care we can prevent, restore and maintain our health. For that reason I wrote my 3 main reason why I believe everyone needs a Chiropractor.#1 Reason -  Everyone deserve a Doctor of Chiropractic that deals with natural treatment and lifestyle changes.  The death by improper use of medication, medical errors, and unnecessary treatment grant that we should consider preventative and natural methods to maintain and preserve our health. Here are some eye opening statistics from the book Death By Medicine from Gary Null, MD and various medical researchers. 

    • 700,000 die per year from medical treatments
    • 2.2 millions suffer of adverse reaction to medication in hospitals
    • 20 millions received antibiotics for viral infections (wrong treatment)
    • 7.5 millions per year receive unnecessary medical treatments and surgeries.

#2 Reason -  Over 12 millions go the MD’s or hospital for Lower Back Pain and this number might go up if we take in consideration nurses in Immediate or Urgent care Centers, I believe this number can escalated to 2 - 3x more cases. The problem with this approach is that millions get treated with "painkillers" for the management of the symptoms (pain and muscle inflammation), not understanding the cause of the pain. This is creating an overwhelming  problem with addiction and death by overdose. As explained in an article in the guardian.By 2010, there were more than 160,000 hospitalizations a year for prescription opioid addiction. In 2012, healthcare providers wrote 259 million prescriptions for opioids, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). That year, more people aged 25 to 64 died from overdoses than car accidents. The next year, 2013, the agency found that 71% of overdoses from prescription drugs – a total of 16,325 deaths – were caused by opioid painkillers. Last year, the CDC reported that doctors were a primary source of drugs for opioid abusers, and a doctor at the CDC estimated that 46 Americans died every day from overdoses of prescription painkillers.”


#3. Reason - We need a proper alignment of the SPINE to move and exercise all our life.  This simple but powerful reason will allow you to live longer,younger and stronger FOR A LONG TIME. You can read more in our website blog here - MOVING MORE IS AWESOME!Let us help you regain and maintain your health!Dr. Edgardo Vargas, DCReferences: 


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