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4 Strategies to Improve your Digestion

Digestion is important for breaking down food into nutrients, which the body uses for energy, growth, and cell repair. But most importantly we should be eating to feel great, have energy, improve our health and prevent. 

Here are 4 strategies to help you with your digestive problems, from bloadines, pain, gas, constipation, diarrhea or other, this advise might make a different. 

#1- Avoid Junk / Fast Foods and be cautious with coffee and alcohol - This will irritate you digestive system and also malinurish your body.

#2 - Plan for a rotation diet, which can be difficult and aggravating. A rotation diet means, you dont eat a specific food or group of foods for 4 straight days to decrease your digestive system reaction to this foods. Now most of the time is hard to understand what food affect you, or which one you react. For that reason we recommend a food sensitivity / intolenace test - More here: 

#3 - Decrease back pain and Abdominal Fat - The reason is that back pain affect the same nerve that work in your digestive system creating deficiencies on this organs and abdominal fat increase inflammation and stress on the same digestive organs. Improving this two can help tremendously with your digestive problems. 

#4 - Supplement with digestive enzymes and probiotics  - We love this amazing supplement, not only it help with digestion, but also create almost instant relief - Here is the link - Probiotics with digestive enzymes

Need help? Don't hesitate to try this strategies and contact us,

We wish you a Happy, Health, Fun day, 

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