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5 Tips to Keep a Busy Family Eating Healthy


As a doctor, business owner and mother of three, one common question I get asked by patients is how do I have time to make sure my family is eating a fresh and healthy diet. With so many families having two full time working parents, or in single-parent households, making sure that healthy fresh food is served can be a daunting task. But there is good news. It can be done and it doesn't have to be painful! Here are my top tips for getting healthy food on the table. 

#1: Be prepared! If you have to wing it when you get home from work it’s not going to happen. You are tired! Plan a weekly menu that isn’t complicated and can have some pieces that can be prepped ahead of time.

#2: Streamline the process. There are lots of apps out there that you can plan your weekly menu, create a shopping list, and even pull recipes in from online. I use Copy Me That app. With this app, you can directly upload recipes, add the ingredient list to your shopping list and add the recipe to your weekly meal planner.

#3: Crock Pot it!!! I can’t even begin to tell you how much the crock pot helps. I use the crockpot at least three times a week on days I know I will not have time to get a healthy dinner cooked by the time I get home. On those nights I also choose to do a salad as the vegetable so no extra cooking when I get home.

#4: Have a schedule. Schedule a set time for shopping every week and go. Putting it offends up intake out when we run out of groceries. If you have your weekly menu planned and you go on your shopping day once a week you’ll never run out. Also, plan prep time that works for you. If Sundays are easy to prep the veggies you’ll need for the week, or prepare the crock pot recipes ahead of time and freeze them(they can go straight into the crockpot frozen), if you’re a night owl prep the crockpot for the next day after the kids go to bed.

#5: Give yourself some slack! We can’t be perfect all of the time. If we keep healthy homemade food on the table 90% of the time we deserve a break too. Plan one night a week for takeout or to go to a restaurant. Also, keep some good quality convenience foods in the freezer for when you need them. A couple gluten-free organic pizzas in the freezer are a better alternative than stopping for fast food in a pinch.

Hope this help! 
Dr. Rae Bouvin, DC 
Happy, Healthy, Fun!

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