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After Holidays Detox

Feel tired and bloated from overindulging? Thankfully, you don’t need to jump on the latest water or juice cleanse train. There are other great ways to hit the reset button heading into the new year. Here are different ways to detox your system and get back on a healthy track.

Intermittent Fasting

I can say enough of weekly fasting. One of the benefits is that help with gentle detoxification. Start eating after 11 am every morning and enjoy the benefits of intermittent fasting. You can also practice fasting one day a week. 

Drink More Water

One relatively easy way to detox includes increasing hydration and water consumption. Drinking appropriate amounts of water helps strengthen and boost the liver and kidneys. This helps them to be more efficient in removing toxins from your body through its natural toxin removal processes. Especially if your indulgences involved a little more alcohol than usual, adding extra water into your daily routine is going to be especially beneficial.

Sweat It Out

Exercise has also been proven as an effective method for healthy detoxification. This indirect step helps strengthen your cardiovascular system which, in turn, facilitates the delivery of more oxygen-rich blood to the kidneys and liver. This allows them to eliminate toxins more effectively and efficiently. Exercise also produces sweat which is another way toxins can be eliminated from the body. You can hit the sauna or pile on the sweats for a cardio session to get the most out of your gym day!

 Natural Remedies

In addition to increasing your water intake and exercise, there are also certain ingredients that have been studied largely for their detox benefits. Milk thistle with standardized amounts of silymarin is one of the more well-known natural remedies that help with liver health and detoxification. Other ingredients such as N-acetyl cysteine, dandelion root, garlic, and schizandra all have detoxifying capabilities and work well together.

These are straightforward ways to detoxify your body, but if you need a valid structure program our 21-day TLS cleanse program, and our aggressive weight loss program are ways to cleanse your body with incredible benefits. 

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