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Avoid cancer and overuse of medication by washing your hands naturally

Triclosan is an antibacterial and antifungal agent widely used in many different products, such as hand soap and sanitizer, plastic kitchen tools, cutting boards, high chairs, pencils, deodorant, clothes, toys, bedding and other fabrics.

A 2014 study published in the American Chemical Society's journal Chemical Research in Toxicology found that triclosan, as well another commercial substance called octylphenol, promoted the growth of human breast cancer cells. Use products that do not contain these two toxic chemicals.

Avoid the use of antibiotics by cleaning your hands with natural soaps:

Preventing sickness reduces the number of antibiotics people use and the likelihood that antibiotic resistance will develop. Handwashing can prevent about 30% of diarrhea-related sicknesses and about 20% of respiratory infections (e.g., colds) 1,2. Antibiotics often are prescribed unnecessarily for these health issues 3. Reducing the number of these infections by washing hands frequently helps prevent the overuse of antibiotics—the single most important factor leading to antibiotic resistance around the world. Handwashing can also prevent people from getting sick with germs that are already resistant to antibiotics and that can be difficult to treat.

The main ingredients to look for in your all natural soap are:

Many natural soap brands are beginning to sub out palm oil for natural fats like coconut oil or shea butter, which is good news not only for the environment but for your skin, as well. Natural soaps which contain oils like avocado, olive and coconut typically include other fats like shea and cocoa butter which moisturize and soften the skin. These fats are naturally beneficial for the skin and can be sourced ethically and sustainably in most cases to ensure that your bar of soap is safe for your skin and the planet. It's important to avoid soaps which utilize a plethora of artificial ingredients or overly processed oils.

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