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 Prior to the year 1987, medical science taught that bed rest served as the best recovery recommendation for a patient who just received hip, knee, ankle, or back surgery. Medical schools taught that a joint heals best while resting. Many things have changed because of new science and research, including that archaic recommendation. Based on that same research, the already lengthy list of benefits for regular Chiropractic adjustments has also increased.

A medical study from 1987 proved that the slightest restriction of motion in a joint will result in permanent and irreversible degeneration within just two weeks. The study further noted that if the restricted motion returned to normal, the degeneration would not be reversed but all progression would stop. Post-surgery patients were almost completely immobilized following surgeries in the past. This has since changed. Doctors were unaware that even the slightest movement actually helped prevent the permanent degenerative process from setting in.


 This research also helped to clarify why regular long-term Chiropractic adjustments are necessary for spinal, posture, and organ health. The study made it clear that frequency for regular Chiropractic adjustments should be no greater two weeks apart in order to prevent deterioration of spinal joints. Many people, particularly ones who already have some level of spinal degeneration present, need to be checked and/or adjusted more frequently than one time every two weeks. Every human should be seeing a Chiropractor on a regular basis according to the outcomes of a study like this one.

A significant part of the research also did not find an association between pain and the onset of the degeneration progresses. The presence of pain is a poor indicator of whether a person needs a Chiropractic adjustment or not. Spinal degeneration can occur within two weeks of restricted vertebral movement. Pain may or may not be present for arthritis to be present or progressive.

 The tug of gravity and the progression of spinal and joint degeneration from movement restrictions all contribute to the need for all people to visit a Chiropractor regularly. Humans age over time like all powerful structures. This research points out that regular spinal adjustments will slow the erosion process during aging. Chiropractic adjustments prevent the degeneration of spinal joints by increasing movement and removing interference to the central nervous system.

The degenerative process exists within the spine and nervous system of all people who have a vertebral subluxation and are not regularly visiting a Chiropractor. Long-term regular Chiropractic adjustments maximize health and function of the body and organs. Better health awaits everyone who makes the choice to unlock the power that exists within the body.

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