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Chiropractic Care for kids Ear Infections - No Drugs

chiropractic-care-better-than-drugs-for-childrens-ear-infections-w-text We have many parents we speak to frustrated because after years of their children suffering from ear infections and being treated medically with antibiotics or surgery, they find out that these measures were often not necessary and in some cases even harmful. They are also frustrated because they were never told by the pediatrician that other options are available.  Parents are surprised to learn that chiropractic care and specific supplementation can clear this recurrent infection in a manner of weeks. Often times, parents find this out too late, after multiple rounds of antibiotics that were unsuccessful or after surgery to have tubes put in their child’s ears. Yes, chiropractic care is more effective than antibiotics for ear infections.  We have the research to prove this, but we have also been seeing this first hand treating kids in our practice for the past 9 years. Even the CDC states that: Antibiotics are not recommended to help treat many ear infections…...Your healthcare professional will consider several factors when determining if antibiotics are needed for an ear infection: age, illness severity, certainty a bacterial infection is present, and options for follow-up. Since ear infections will often get better on their own without antibiotic treatment, your healthcare professional may decide to wait a few days before prescribing antibiotics.When an ear infection is caused by a virus, antibiotic treatment will not help it get better and may even cause HARM in both children and adults.”


A medical doctor should have evidence that antibiotics are absolutely necessary before prescribe them for any condition.  This means culturing bodily fluids to see if a bacterial infection is present.  Also, visibly seeing bacterial discharge that is green, puss like, or dark in color is a good indicator that a bacterial infection is present. Antibiotics are very efficient when necessary, but the chronic use will cause, antibiotic resistance, damage in the digestive system and eventually problems with immunity. If your kids have chronic ear infections, we can most  likely help with natural care. If you as an adult find yourself needing to take multiple rounds of antibiotics we can test you with our advanced nutritional blood work evaluation to help you determine deficiencies in your immune system or other underlying dysfunctions in the body. For you health, Dr. Rae and Dr Edgardo Vargas Reference:    

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