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Chronic Inflammation and Fasting

About Inflammation:
  • As our understanding of this metabolic process increases we are beginning to realize just how detrimental chronic inflammation can be to our health and well-being. Inflammation is a complicated part of our physiology. 
  • Our bodies unleash something called an ‘acute inflammation response’ as a result of injury. With the acute inflammation response the body reacts to a harmful stimulus like a bee sting by inflammation or swelling the area around the harmed tissue in an attempt to remove whatever is harming it (in this case the bee’s stinger). Once this is achieved and the harmful agent is eliminated the inflammation is reduced and the process of tissue repair begins. 
  • Without inflammation, wounds and infections would never heal. So in this sense it could be said that ‘acute inflammation’ is a good thing that is essential to the proper maintenance of the human body. In fact, this type of inflammation is even involved in the recovery process from exercise. 
  • Chronic systemic inflammation can be damaging to the human body. 
  • Chronic inflammation is the body’s response to the chronic harmful stimuli of overnutrition and excess body fat. 
  • When it comes to enlarged fat cells causing inflammation, some people seem to be more susceptible than others  but the end result is almost always the same – High levels of body fat eventually become associated with chronic low grade inflammation. 
  • This type of prolonged whole body (systemic) inflammation is associated with many disease states including: rheumatoid arthritis, hypertension, atherosclerosis, fatty liver, and asthma as well as insulin resistance, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and even the aging process itself.1
  • Chronic inflammation has even been linked to many of the causes and risks for the development of cancer.
  •  In people who are obese we commonly see many elevated markers of inflammation including: interleukin-6, tumor necrosis factor alpha, C-reactive protein, insulin, blood glucose, leptin and interleukin-18.169,170 

  • Biochemical nutritional balance via proper nutritional testing
  • Intermittent fasting - Short-term fasting, and more specifically calorie restriction and weight loss, reduces many of these markers of chronic inflammation.
  • Resistance training, bodyweight exercise
  • Responsible eating
  • Proper hydration
  • Sleep 7-hrs (+)
  • Natural Weight Loss
  • Natural care: Chiropractic and  Acupuncture
  • Meditation

When you consider the fact that chronic inflammation has been suggested to be a major cause of the aging process (this has been called ‘the Molecular Inflammatory theory of aging”) this could make all the natural strategies above your easiest weapon for combating chronic inflammation and possibly increasing your lifespan.

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