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Don't get S.A.D., Get Vitamin D

Seasonal Affective Disorder and Vitamin D -

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Vitamin D: not just for bones! Part 1 of 2
“Vitamin D deficiency and its consequences are extremely subtle, but have enormous implications for human health and disease. It is for this reason that vitamin D deficiency continues to go unrecognized by a majority of health care professionals.” —Dr. Michael Holick, University of Boston Vitamin D is a hormone that needs sunlight in order ...

Vitamin D: not just for bones! Part 2 of 2
In case you missed last week issue, we talk about Vitamin D deficiency and its relationship with pregnancy complications and hormonal imbalances. We’ll continue this week talking about Vitamin D and its relationship to cancer, heart disease and cognitive function. Cancer The high prevalence of vitamin D deficiency, combined with the discovery...

Vitamin D deficiency symptoms explained: the top 9 warning signs
If you haven't read the two previous articles about Vitamin D please go to: Vitamin D part 1 Vitamin D part 2 In this article I want to portrait 9 signs of Vitamin D deficiency Vitamin D deficiency symptoms explained: the top 9 warning signs ( Some people who have a vitamin D deficiency have no im...

Vitamina D and Dementia
In a new study published earlier this month in JAMA Neurology , researchers demonstrated a significant association between vitamin D insufficiency and cognitive decline that is specifically seen in Alzheimer's disease and dementia. The results reinforce the importance of identifying vitamin D insufficiency among the elderly. Here, low vitamin D level...

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