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Fitness Wednesdays - The Super 4.10 min

Fitness Wednesdays - The Super 4.10min

The super is a routine for moves that any superhero knows how to do. This method will help you move more efficient from the ground up.

Utilizing the Tabata Style HIIT training perform 20 seconds with good intensity and 10-second recovery for eight rounds total, in my view, I am in the second round, and at the end, I completed 8 min and 20 seconds of HIIT training. 

1. Superman reps - 20sec

2. Ground punches lunges

3. Burpees 2 push ups

4. Spiderman Walks

Complete each 2 to 6 times around

 Consult with your provider before starting any new exercise and  contact us with any health problem

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