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Is this season's flu really worse than usual?? Don't believe the hype!

 For a couple months now I have been seeing posts, articles, advertisements everywhere about this season’s flu being a terrible strain. The CDC announcing the flu vaccine is only 10% effective so beware!! But get it anyway of course!!?? Could you imagine any other product or service being advertised as 10% effective and millions of people getting it or purchasing it anyway…..
 But I digress, back to my actual point.  Moms are scared to send their kids to school.  My own father showed up to my son’s basketball game in a surgical mask, mommy groups on Facebook are exploding with posts about what to do my son/daughter is looking sick I’m so scared so many kids have died!!  All the while I am wondering, why haven’t I seen or heard of more confirmed pediatric deaths than other years.   Now I am talking confirmed deaths not random articles saying so many kids are dying or fear-based news stories. I see articles saying this is the worst year since the 2015-2016 flu season and I’m like, well that was only two years ago so….???  So I started digging.  My goal, to look up the number of pediatric deaths annually from the flu for the past 5-6 years.  Low and behold it was right there on the CDC website the whole time for us all to see.

Look at that. Now I know that the season is not over yet, but at current rates we really aren’t looking at more pediatric deaths than in recent years. Of course people should take precautions, wash your hands, don’t lick the railing on the El, boost your immunity naturally(my next blog topic), seek medical care if needed, but we don’t have to hide in our houses. The plague is not upon us. The media’s job is to make the news worth watching. The majority of the Facebook posts about this flu are not based on fact but usually fear. In these times we have to look deeper for the real information before we let the fear take over. Please share these stats far and wide a lot of scared parents will be happy to know that this year is really no different than the rest. We can all sleep a little easier.  And I know you want to read all the CDC stats that you can so here is the link with all of the information.
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