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Lower your calories, protect your brain

Our goals are to help you improve your health and most important prevent chronic diseases. Research continues to demonstrate that one way to get to this goals is by losing weight and restricting calories.
While exercise had a similar effect, it was much less pronounced than slashing your calorie intake and eating a low natural fat diet.

Some studies found that sticking to a calorie restricting diet, like intermittent fasting, can prevent inflammation of brain cells that lead to the signs of aging.

The brain's immune cells, called microglia, this makes the brain show signs of aging.

Researchers from the University Medical Centre Groningen, in Holland, discovered that caloric restriction in combination with low-(natural) fat diet helped to protect aging mouse brains.

Other animal studies showed that the reduction of calorie intake by 30 percent could keep your brain younger and even help you live longer.

The latest tests have been carried out on two grey mouse lemurs: one had a regular diet for nine years, and the other ate a similar balanced diet that had 30 percent fewer calories. The lifespan of the calorie-restricted lemur increased by nearly 50 percent, and its motor capacities remained healthy its whole life, while its brains resembled that of a younger animal.

The researchers from CNRS in France say the theory of calorie-restricted diets and their impact on aging is still 'controversial' in humans, although similar positive results have been seen in macaques, as well as in mice, flies, and worms.
The next stage, say the researchers, is to carry out more animal studies, but next time to gauge the impact on the aging of calorie-restriction with physical exercise.

The low caloric diet in our office:

Our six weeks weight loss program will help you decrease calories, lose an average of 20 lbs and look instantly younger. One of the main reason is that it will help you create new dietary habits, understand how to restrict your calories naturally, and help you learn how to take care of your physical health.

You can also practice reducing your calorie intake by implementing this method - 5:2 intermittent fasting diet method 

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References: (Source: Communications Biology, 2018; doi: 10.1038/s42003-018-0024-8)

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