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Updated 2021 - Monday Weight Loss, Fasting and More: Grain Consumption (5 tips)

Updates: 01/04/2021

#1. Avoid refined grains- There are less healthy and lack dietary fibers 

#2. Consume whole grains - More fiber, natural and better for your metabolism (Important update: After further investigation, whole grains bring very little benefit in our life. They still bring a big spike of insulin and sugar in our blood which correlate with inflammation and metabolic imbalance, I recommend to follow rule #3 if you decide to not eliminate them from your diet. )

#3. If you want to maintain or lose weight consume less than 2 - 1 cup a day of whole grains -  This will allow you to eat more fruits and vegetables and decrease the dependence of grain in your diet. 

#4. If you know that gluten affects you, avoid it - Gluten sensitivities are a real problem and the underline inflammation is related to obesity, endocrine, and cardiovascular problems. 

#5. Do not start the day with grains - Throw away your cereals, big subs for breakfast, and even oatmeal, the first thing in the morning. Your metabolism will improve, and you will have more controlled eating during the day. 

Practice Intermittent fasting by starting eating past 11 am and then you can start with the first cup of grain.

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