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Simple Move to Correct your Posture

We have seeing this specific move and is one we highly utilized in our office. We call it “Shoulder pass through”, but the real name is “shoulder dislocates”. This is phenomenal mobility exercise to improve your posture, and most importantly it can be done anywhere. You can use a towel,but we preferred a wooden dowel or broomstick. 

More benefits:

  1. Range of motion - The shoulder joint is the most mobile joint in the body, but as we build muscle, injure, or simply forgo the use of our shoulders, our ability to move them through their full arc decreases. Dislocates are an exercise that articulate the scapula through its full range of motion, and when done properly, will increase and restore your natural range.
  2. Strength and stability - It is easy to say that an exercise or activity is dangerous, when in reality it is not the activity that is risky, but the lack of preparation that can lead to injury. Doing this motion prior to exercise will activates the muscles that stabilize and manipulate the scapula.. Dislocates should not be painful or cause grinding and popping, but rather should be relatively smooth and controlled. If that happen please contact us.  
  3. Injury prevention - Dislocates are one of the exercises that bring stability and strength to prevent injuries on the neck and shoulders.
  4. Rehabilitation - After injury, we often experience fear, avoidance, and undesirable patterns of movement. Dislocates can be a wonderful rehab tool for chasing the edge of your range of motion and increasing it back to where it was and then beyond!
Of course, listen to your body and contact us if this simple movement is challenging. Improving mobility and posture will improve your health now.

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“This content is for information purpose only, contact us or consult with your provider before implementing this exercise”

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