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Deciding to follow a low-calorie diet may be a tough choice, but the more research that is done, the more it’s seen that there may be more benefits than just losing weight. Previous research proves that not only will calorie restriction help promote weight loss, but may also lead to a longer life. As always when beginning any health plan, consult with your physician before pursuing any diet that alters your lifestyle. The study of the benefits of a low-calorie diet, a diet plan that restricts the amount of calories consumed but is high in nutrients, has fascinated scientist. As the acclaim of success of Low Calorie diets increases, so does scientific research. One of the more interested personal, Eric Ravussin, Chief of Health and Performance enhancement at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center at Louisiana State University, conducted a research on non-obese humans and how their bodies reacted to the low-calorie diets. In a study published by Dr. Ravussin in The Journal of the American Medical Association, a six-month study of 48 people showed that restricting calories may lead to longer lives. 

The calorie restriction, “Led to decreases in insulin levels and body temperature. Both are considered signs of longevity, partly because an earlier study by other researchers found both traits in long-lived people.” In other words, the effects of going on low calorie diets, beyond losing weight, may also extend your life. The study consisted of many participants who cut calories according to certain restrictions. “Most participants reduced calories by 25 percent, but some cut back more and ate only 890 calories a day for several months.” Furthermore, results showed a drop in thyroid hormone levels and minimal DNA damage, two other signs of aging; “Many scientists think that an important factor in aging is DNA damage caused by free radicals, highly reactive oxygen-containing molecules formed during normal metabolism. “Eating less leads to a slower metabolism and fewer free radicals.” The high level of nutrition and slow metabolic rates are beneficial not only because they slow down the aging process, but also because they help the body focus on the nutrients needed to help it stay strong and active. Dr. Evan Hadley, Director of Geriatrics and clinical gerontology at the National Institute on Aging, overlooked the study and deemed the results “striking.” It was one of the first studies done on the positive long-term effects of going on low-calorie diets. However, despite the conclusive results, both doctors stated that participants should still precede such restriction with caution, “It's an important step along the way," Dr. Hadley stated. If you are looking to improve your lifestyle and are looking to find ways to lose weight, consult with your physician and see if Chirothin may be right for you. As studies have shown, restricting your calories may result in more benefits than just weight loss. Just trust our system, focus on your goals, and keep in mind that you’re moving towards a better lifestyle. Contact us to help you lose 20-35 with our ChiroThin program. Source:   

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