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Supplements ( your diet and lifestyle)

At Pro-Holistic Care we like to recommend supplement for two reason: 1. To support a specific organ and preferable #2. To support nutritional deficiencies (read more about our nutritional testing here)

But the most important aspect of proper supplementation is to understand that: 

"Supplements will supplement your diet and lifestyle in order to help you get healthier" 

Supplement are not medication, they are high level nutrients to support you lifestyle 

Effective vitamin and mineral supplements help to support a healthy immune system, promote the transformation of food into energy, support a healthy cardiovascular system, support strong bones, promote mental clarity, maintain normal metabolic functioning, promotes healthy growth and repair of tissues, help maintain normal blood pressure and promote water and electrolyte balance in the body. By taking charge of your well-being, not only will you feel healthier, have more energy, sleep better, and reach your personal weight goals, you will also slow down your natural aging process, improve your skin health and appearance, and maintain cognitive and mental focus. 

Learn about Nutrametrix nutrients and see the possibilities here: 

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