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The Pro-Holistic Care Show Episode #8 - Posture (and an Adjustment)

Welcome to the Pro-Holistic Care show, where our goal is to inspire you to live a Happy.Healthy.Fun Life!

Today’s Topic: It’s about YOUR POSTURE: 

A good posture it’s essential to be aware of your posture:


  • Better breathing. Research shows that poor posture negatively affects your ability to breathe deeply and fill your lungs. ...
  • Self-confidence
  • More significant function as you age.
  • Back relief
  • Reduced headaches
  • Improved mood and others

Todays Tips: 

  1. Chest up and shoulders back
  2. Get your upper body stronger
  3. Be aware of computer and cellphone adverse effects on your posture. AND GET ADJUSTED! 

Or text: 773-790-3772. We also have a virtual clinic!

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