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The Weekly Adjustment #3 - Adjustment and Digestion

Over $80 billion is spent each year on drugs to relieve heartburn, acid reflux, bloating, gas, irritable bowel, constipation, diarrhea and other digestive disorders. These symptoms of abnormal digestion are becoming increasingly more prevalent in our society. 

Science and research have shown that chiropractic care offers a powerful solution to this modern-day epidemic. The nervous system controls digestive function from several different regions. The vagus nerve which courses out of the brain stem and runs near the atlas bone innervates all the major organs of digestion and functions to stimulate the digestive process. 

Other major areas controlling the pace of digestion include the sympathetic nerves coming out of the thoracic & lumbar regions and the sacral parasympathetic nerve fibers.                          

Spinal misalignment in any of these regions can lead to neurological compromise and altered digestive function. At Pro-Holistic Care we are wellness oriented chiropractors search for the location of such spinal misalignment termed `subluxations.` A specific chiropractic adjustment realigns the altered regions and restores nerve supply to the deficient organs. This approach honors the body's innate ability to heal and works to harmonize this incredible life force in order to enhance organ function & quality of life. We also look at nutritional deficiencies with our Laboratory Blood Work and Nutritional Care.  

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