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Weight Loss Tip #4 - Intermittent Fasting for Abundant Health

Weight Loss Tip #4 - Intermittent Fasting for abundant health  

I just want to quote directly from

“Historic wisdom rediscovered for longevity, weight loss and health restoration. Research suggests that a special type of fasting and caloric restriction not only extends your life, but also causes hormonal and metabolic changes that aid in weight loss and can ward off heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer. However, not all fasting methods and calorie restricting produce weight loss. There are numerous studies from years of research indicating the life extension and health benefits of caloric restriction. But caloric restriction has never been proven to be successful for long-term weight loss, unless driven by a hormonal change that shuts down the desire to eat. The studies indicating life extension from caloric restriction relating to humans are epidemiological studies that look at the diets and life spans of different cultures. 

The people studied are not cutting calories in an attempt to lose weight, but are simply eating to satiety. It just so happens that their calories at the end of the day are low, but their nutrient-to-calorie ratio is very high. This means that although they don’t eat as much in a day as most Americans, they end up consuming far more nutrients due to the higher quality of food consumed. This has a profound effect on their health and hormones. It is a hormonal signal that tells their brains that they are finished and satisfied. They do not battle cravings for sugar and bread, nor do they struggle with weight gain. 

In fact, their healthy hormone balance is the key to their success. If you are simply trying to muster up enough willpower to cut calories to lose weight without a healthy hormonal balance, you are doomed to fail. Eventually you will give in to the cravings. The 5-10 pounds lost by pushing the food away, most of which is muscle, will quickly be gained back, because without correcting the hormones, you will be overcome by the desire to eat more, especially carbohydrates” Ways that I recommend implement intermittent fasting in your life:

  • One day of fasting per week - example complete dinner at 7pm and next meal is next dinner 7pm.
  • Two days of fasting - same as one day but not in consecutive days
  • 14-16 hrs daily - My example is finishing dinner at 7pm, and then no calories (foods or sugar) until 11 am, skipping breakfast.

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For your health, 

Dr. Vargas 

Reference:, /86/1/7.full, of the best book in correlation to fitness is  Eat Stop Eat with 317 research on intermittent fasting quoted.   

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