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Weight Loss Tip # 5 - Built an Amazing Digestion

Title: Innovative Approaches to Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome 
 by Stephen F. Olmstead, MD conclude the following:

......The appreciation that the parthenogenesis of obesity, type 2 diabetes mellitus, and metabolic syndrome involves gastrointestinal dysbiosis and systemic inflammation may well prove transformative to the management of weight and metabolism. While low-carbohydrate and low-fat diets may have similar long-term effects on weight, low-carbohydrate diets appear to offer additional benefits for glucose and lipid metabolism. Probiotics and prebiotics offer new modalities to favorably modify gut dysbiosis and reduce systemic inflammation, thereby promoting healthy weight and metabolism. α-cyclodextrin and white bean α-amylase inhibitors offer ways to safely reduce absorption of dietary fat and starch, thereby promoting weight loss and healthy glucose and lipid levels.”

The digestive system is essential for a healthy life, and this study proved that a damaged digestive system, possibly by junk food, lack of nutrient and sedentary lifestyle, is directly correlated with the inability to lose and maintain weight. This paper also mentioned that diet and exercise is not enough to lower and keep proper weight. While Losing weight could be a struggle, maintaining a proper diet and exercise routine and taking care of our brain and body with chiropractic, will bring incredible benefit to every individual health in the present and in the future (prevention)I highly recommend a diet with restriction of calories, exercise and proper spinal fitness with the addition of digestive supplement, for a healthy life but also a more balanced weight. 

Basic supplementation to support your digestive system:
  1. Probiotics-  While you can get better probiotics through fermented foods like kimchi, kombucha, and sauerkraut, I recommend a proper probiotic supplementation for adding more to your system and better immune system. 
  2. A digestive enzyme - We all have a limited amount of digestive enzyme to break down food nutrients. Due to the amount of chemical in food, our body can get depleted.  The digestive enzyme can be found in fruits and vegetable. But for a proper amount in the diet, I recommend taking a digestive enzyme with every meal
  3. HCL -for the person that suffers from heartburn, I highly recommend taking Hydrochloride Acid or HCA.  Usually when we have heartburn is because of the lack of instant stomach acids, not because we have too much. 
  4. Detoxification program every three months. - This is an important step to maintain a well balanced and clean digestive system. 
For your health, 
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