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Why Weight Loss and Chiropractic Go Together

ChiroThin Logo White Background So many people have asked WHY we have the Doctor Supervised ChiroThin Weight Loss Program in our practice. I like to answer to that question by explaining the correlation to weight gain, obesity and chiropractic and determine if it is right for you or someone you know. We have had so much success with this program; it is literally changing people's lives. Over time, when your weight slips into an unhealthy range, the risk of degenerative disc disease increases by 30 to 79 percent. As discs compensate for the pressure of extra weight, they can become herniated. This damage compresses the spaces between the bones in the spine, causing pinched nerves, sciatica and/or piriformis syndrome (muscle spasms that cause pain and can irritate the sciatic nerve). Worse than that, too much weight can cause a ruptured disc that may require surgery. ChiroThin Worked For Matiaz - english-page-001 The pressure of extra weight can also aggravate arthritis of the spine, and/or trigger the development of osteoarthritis. Extra weight doesn't just increase wear and tear on your back and joints; it also makes injury more likely. People who are overweight are 15% more likely to sustain musculoskeletal injury, and people who are obese are 48% more at risk for injuries. Maintaining a healthy weight or losing weight can help ease or prevent back issues, and reduces stress on other joints as well. Dropping just a few pounds can make a big difference to your back. For every 4 pounds you lose, you remove 16 pounds of pressure from your spine. In one study, the risk of developing osteoarthritis dropped 50% with each 11-pound weight loss. So as you can see, the effect of being overweight, obese, or just carrying a little extra weight has an immense impact of your joints and your spine. Most, if not all, of our patients that have gone through the ChiroThin Weight Loss program have reported feeling better with more energy and having less pain (back pain, knee pain etc.). Of course, regular chiropractic care keeps your spine moving correctly allowing it to function better, resulting in better health and less pain so they go hand in hand. If you have any question regarding Chiropractic Care or the Doctor Supervised ChiroThin Weight Loss program give us a call, 773-279-9344 or visit We are look forward to serving you soon. Dr.Edgardo Vargas and Dr. Rae Bouvin

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