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Your Liver and Weight Gain


The issue of weight is a prevalent source of discontent, especially in western cultures. Each year more and more people choose to eat right and exercise but still struggle with weight issues and chronic degenerative conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, heart disease, etc. A seldom-discussed yet extremely important aspect of weight loss is a liver function. 

The liver is one of the body’s most important organs, and when it starts to malfunction, belly fat will start to accumulate.


The following issues may occur:

• Increased blood sugar
• Joint pain, skin problems, and allergies
• Increased cholesterol levels and blood pressure

If you notice that you’ve started to accumulate fat around your waist without changes to your diet, consult your doctor. It may be that your liver is malfunctioning.

Traditional diets see-saw between high fat, nutritionally void foods and weight loss gimmicks and products that causes people to gain weight in the long run. In the middle of all this is a liver that grows fatter and more sluggish by the day.

The liver has two distinct and highly important functions. 

  1. Body's chief blood detoxifier. 

  2. Primary fat metabolizer. 

Once the liver becomes sluggish and fatty, it performs neither job well, and we begin to pack on the pounds in earnest and have great difficulty losing the weight once it is on.

Causes of a fatty liver:

  1. A high-fat diet will most likely cause the liver to malfunction over time.Process animal fats from non-grass fed animal tend to contain toxic materials that were trapped by the animal's body. When we ingest these fats, the toxins are released into the liver where they can cause damage, inducing poor liver function.

  2. Artificial sweetener use. Artificial sweeteners completely bypass the normal digestive stages and are immediately taken into the liver. The liver shuts down all other metabolic processes, including metabolizing fat, to contend with the sweetener. The fats in the liver are either released - without being fully metabolized - into the bloodstream to be stored as unprocessed material, or they attach themselves to the liver. Either way, this is terrible news for your weight and health.

  3. Excessive alcohol use. Before the alcohol causes cirrhosis, it makes the liver fatty, which is the beginning of the road to dysfunctional health and weight gain.

  4. Prescription and over-the-counter medications have adverse effects on the liver. Notice that almost all of the pharmaceutical commercials mention the liver and liver function. It is because they know how detrimental their medications are to the liver and the health dysfunctions, like weight gain, cirrhosis and liver failure that will occur when using their products. Continue taking your prescriptions but seek a holistic health professional who can assist with eliminating the underlying cause(s) of your condition which would eliminate the need for the medication.

Avoid or reverse a fatty liver

  1. Avoid artificial sweetener use

  2. Restrict or eliminate alcohol consumption

  3. Nourish the liver with milk thistle, and licorice. A mixture of cayenne and lemon juice or cayenne and vegetable juice is a great liver nutritive

  4. Detoxify the colon to keep the digestive system flowing which increases metabolism and aids the liver in its proper functioning

It is clear that poor liver function will most likely lead to a malfunctioning and fatty liver, in turn making weight gain probable and weight loss unlikely. If you are working diligently at exercising and eating right but still struggle to lose weight have your liver function checked to shed light on this little-known aspect of weight management.

Lastly, a faulty liver can lead to dramatic changes in your health now, but most important in the future. That why a good laboratory testing like our nutritional lab work can uncover the cause of your health problem and most important what diet and supplement are needed to improve your health. 

Also, our aggressive weight loss program (lose 20-25 lbs in just six weeks) will help your liver be cleaner and healthier.  


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Sources for this article include:
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