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Your Posture and your Health (Program Below)

IMG_0797 Our spine is amazing, it protects the delicate nervous system which means it protects our communication system between our brain and our body and organs, it allows us to walk upright and fights against gravity, or at least it tries. As a Chiropractor, I know that if we have proper spinal health and posture, we can fight against chronic disorders like arthritis and chronic pain, and avoid the use of medication and development of other health conditions. In order to have a healthy spine, we need to make sure it moves properly (through chiropractic care) and always be aware of our posture. One of the most overlooked chronic health problems that young, middle age and elderly person can suffer from is poor posture. In this time of technology, with an abundance of information, especially in medicine, with all the "fancy" testing, new technology and an incredible rate of new medication, most of the time we overlook the simple fact that when our posture is compromised, our health is affected. From increase risk factors of falls and injuries (ncbi. Nlm.NIH.Pubmed/17595423) to damage to our lung capacity which can lead to loss of strength, decreased physical activity and cardiovascular problems ( Posture is not a position, but a dynamic pattern of reflexes, habits, and adaptive responses to anything that fights against you being more or less upright, and functional, such as: Gravity, of course! Awkward working conditions, which may be unavoidable (nurses must lift patients!), or self-inflicted and correctable issues such as lousy ergonomics. Abnormal anatomy. Athletic challenges. If you start to tip over, or lose the stability you need for a task, postural reflexes kick in and engage muscles to pull you into a more or less upright and/or functional position again. The way we stand, a.k.a. our posture is necessary for proper health, spinal stability, overall physical strength, proper organ function (especially Lungs) and longevity. Chiropractic and Posture One of the simplest ways to understand poor posture and spinal stress is pain. Over 31 million Americans will suffer from back pain, especially lower back pain at one point of their lives. As a Chiropractor, our main obligation is to allow the spine to function properly, and proper spinal function only occurs with proper posture. We can lose our posture because of bad habits at work, too much texting, accidents or repetitive damage to the spine and chronic disease. Merely the fact that posture is so important and has an intimate relationship with the spine, the nervous system, the brain and health, we believe chiropractic is necessary for great health. Research: Chiropractic and posture ncbi. nlm.NIH.Gov/Pubmed/16091134 List of strategies and techniques that improve your posture. Chiropractic care Exercise, weight and cardio Yoga Stretching Walking Consciously think about your posture Massage Pilates Here are two inexpensive programs that can help you improve your posture: Yoga Program: YOGA PROGRAM Postural Training: POSTURAL TRAINING For further information on spinal health and posture please contact our office. 773-279-9344. Dr. Edgardo Vargas Please like us on  

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