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The Pro-Holistic Care Show - Long Term Prevention

Link - Why Prevention is so Important - by the University of Minnesota Pro-Holistic Care

Pro-Holistic Care Show #4 Clinic Walkthrough

Let walk around the office, look at how simple it is, come in and transform your health.... visit us at Pro-Holistic Care Happy, Healthy, Fun!

Pro-Holistic Care Show Episode #3 - Prevention?

Prevention (Webster dictionary) -: the act or practice of keeping something from happening. The Pro-Holistic Care way of preventions: Get Adjusted: Take care of your spine and Brain Move all day long, all day long Exercise 30 minutes a day, every day Get in a more comfortable weight, lose weight if needed Rest...

Pro Holistic Care Show Episode #2 - Feel the Doc's Pain, our experience with Chiropractic

In the episode #2 of The Pro-Holistic Care Show - We share our experience with pain in our life, how to affected us and why we love chiropractic and getting adjusted. Chiropractic is not only for pain, is for a better life, for a better future. Thanks for watching, Pro-Holistic Care Happy, Healthy, Fun! http...

Pro-Holistic Care Show Episode #1 - Pilot Show

This is our first Pro-Holistic Care Show, not fancy and with a lot of problems. Hopefully, we get better. Pro-Holistic Care is a holistic family health and wellness center located in the heart of the Lincoln Square neighborhood in Chicago, IL. At Pro-Holistic, we believe that optimal health can be achieved naturally, through Chiropractic care, nutrition, ph...