Pro-Holistic Care 
Safety - With our patients’ safety and our staff as our top priority, Pro-Holistic Care operates under comprehensive enhanced safety protocols. With these measures in place, we provide a comfortable and safe environment for our patients and staff.  

Pro-Holistic Care Staff Policy - All our staff must wear a surgical mask in the clinics. The doctors must wash their hands before and after any interaction with patients and use gloves to perform treatments. 

Screening for Illness - We are screening each person before every visit. We are screening our staff and checking their temperatures twice daily.  

When You Arrive at the Clinic - We will screen you for signs of COVID-19, including symptoms check and taking your temperature. Please arrive already wearing a mask, or we will provide one for you. We will ask you to wash your hands before beginning treatments.

Universal Masking - Everyone who enters the office must wear masks or facial covering at all times. We are providing masks to everyone who enters without one.

Hand Hygiene - We required all patients to wash their hands before being served.

Physical Distancing - We are always working on directing patients to the specific areas to promote social distancing.

Enhanced Clinic Cleaning - All patient care areas are regularly and thoroughly cleaned and disinfected following CDC standards. Enhanced cleaning procedures are in place for high traffic areas, including waiting and exam rooms.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact at 773-279-9344
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Adopted policies - 04/01/2020
Policies Reviewed - 12/01/2020