Genetics are responsible for giving individuals their potential, range, and tendencies based on DNA makeup. This includes their limitations, and can define their range of capabilities. Then, a Patient's behavior, lifestyle, and diet determine where in that range they fall.

  • Help our patients know their specific genetic predisposition to Weight Loss, Fitness, Diet  and to build a program specifically tailored for their Genetic Markers.
  • Patients will gain insight to their genetic markers to avoid  trial and errors to find our optimal diet and exercise program.
  • Help them understand food, diet and exercise activate or deactivate your body ability to growth and develop. 
  • Preparing a consistent plan against weight gain while promoting weight loss. 
  • No single gene makes you fit or fat.
  • The complex interaction between your DNA, your environment, and your habits dictates your overall fitness and even your injury rate.
  • Finally, we can eliminate the guesswork of genetic factors and design the perfect program for YOUR SUCCESS!
  • Understand and advise on the meaning of key genetic indicators
  • Read and interpret your own DNA testing results
  • Provide you with a report and recommendations
  • Design specific programming based on your client's unique DNA
  • Our Genetic/ DNA Certification allows us to help our patients with more precise answers to the whys of their fitness questions, and build deeper and longer-lasting results for the goals.
  • Weight loss Tendencies - This test will examine an individual's ability to lose weight from a regular , healthy diet and typical exercise program. 
  Fat loss response to cardio -  Understanding how genes play a role in how someone burns fat during cardio.
  • Macronutrients Utilization - Individuals carry genotypes which affect how ingested nutrition is utilized. This includes how well the body uses proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.
  • Body Composition Response to Strength Training - This category have been shown to have significant association with a person's ability to improve body composition in response to strength training. 
  • Intrinsic motivation to exercise - Help motivate your clients but understanding whether they are intrinsically or extrinsically motivated.
  • Protein utilization - Provide guidance on the proper recommendations for ingesting protein based on how their body utilizes protein.
  • Power or endurance athletic potential - Understand how likely clients are to have a positive response to aerobic endurance and/or power training, which in turn may help determine the activities clients will be most successful in.
Pro-Holistic Care Genetic Testing work in Partnership with: 
  • Nationally Accredited Genetic Testing Laboratory
  • International Association of Sport Science (ISSA).
Frequently Asked Questions 
  1. What is the cost for this program?  Depending on your needs and goals the cost of the program can range from $399 or more depending of individuals needs. We highly recommend that you start with a consultation for you to determine the best program. 
  2. How does DNA testing work?  We use a noninvasive swab to collect cells from the mouth. The swab is easy to use and only takes about a minute to collect enough DNA for analysis. Once collected, the swab is mailed directly to our lab for analysis.
  3. What genes are analyzed with the genetic test?  Our lab analyzes approximately 300 unique genetic markers and we utilize 36 of then that have been shown through external research to be related to various ways the human body processes food, nutrients and physical exercise, as well as how the body responds to the aging process.
  4. When will I get my results?  Typical turnaround time for the entire process (swab kit shipping, DNA extraction and analysis, quality inspection, report generation) is approximately 10-15 business days. You will be notified as soon as your report is ready.
  5. Will you test for any serious inherited diseases? No. We focus solely on those genes that are related to the body’s ability to process food, nutrients and physical exercise. Any DNA test performed to detect predictors for disease should be interpreted by a physician or a certified genetic counselor.
  6. What will happen to my sample after it has been analyzed? Your DNA sample will be destroyed by the lab within 45 days of analyzing the DNA.
  7. How is my personal information protected?  To prevent unauthorized access to your information, our systems are run on HIPAA-compliant architecture, employing secure servers, firewalls and encrypted back-ups.
  8. Will my insurance cover the cost of a genetic test?  Probably not. Most insurance companies do not yet pay for genetic tests related to health management programs like our programs. If your physician recommends you utilize a weight management program, you can use your HSA or FSA funds to pay for our DNA Based Program.
  9. Can my insurance company or employer request or independently obtain a copy of my results?  No. Your privacy is protected by the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA), which was instituted in the United States in May 2008. As a result, you are also not required to disclose genetic information to an employer or insurer. In addition, We will not respond to any request for test results from an insurer, employer or any other entity.