Kate J, Practice Member Extraordinaire

Dr Rae & Dr Vargas have been life savers for me! Since my first visit I knew they had my best interest in mind. I've been a hairstylist for almost 20 years, which has affected my body. Dr Rae has been doing acupuncture on my for over a year, it's amazing how effective it's been and I don't have to take any medication for it. She's very attentive, compassionate yet direct. Dr. Vargas is passionate about sharing his knowledge on holistic weight loss, exercise & self improvement. I get weekly adjustments from them both, they are gentle. I like that they use the shifting table method, it's much more comfortable. They've both been immensely helpful in my quest for better health naturally. My 4 year old son & my husband have also been to them, we all love them! They are wonderful people and a great asset to the Lincoln Square community.

Gina M, Patient Genius Guru

Feeling GREAT and ENERGIZED in the care of Drs. Bouvin and Vargas! I came upon this holistic health practice seeking guidance in areas that traditional medicine could not help with. My chief complaints: skin issues (eczema & psoriasis), low energy, bloated belly, stomach pain related to eating, and weight gain. Traditional doctors offered prescription meds that would only cure immediate symptoms but not explore or address the underlying problems. That was not cool with me at all! At this clinic, I was first impressed with the amount of time the doctors gave me to explain the issues I was facing. Education is clearly a top priority to help patients get to full wellness and be able to maintain it. Dr. Vargas is passionate and very knowledgeable about food sensitivities, weight issues, fitness, and chiropractic technique and so I've worked with him there. He's a former athlete with a gift to teach everyday people how to live very healthy and fit in simple ways. His high energy is contagious and motivating to follow his guidance for optimal health - he walks the talk of fit living! Dr. Bouvin shows expertise and proficiency around acupuncture and chiropractic technique, along with other various energy and health boosting strategies like supplements and natural health remedies. She's a modern day medicine woman who loves and rises to the challenge of difficult symptoms! She even has a technique to totally eliminate menstrual cramps! I'm still working my program with both doctors to get to my optimal health - but had to get on here and let people know what's available here that you can't find in traditional medicine. This practice is especially great for those who are frustrated with traditional medicine!

Griscelda L, Chiropractic Connoisseur

I have been going to Pro-Holistic care for years as well as my entire family. With all 3 of pregnancies Dr. Rae has helped me with my aches and when the babies were sideways she was able to have them turn head down and be ready before delivery. Post Pregnancy Dr. Rae has helped me close up my Diastasis recti that I got from my 2nd pregnancy which was C-Section and now we are working on closing it again after my 3rd child. It has been a struggle to lose the baby weight it isn't as easy as my 1st or 2nd so Dr. Vargas has put me on Chirothin to help and after 7days I am seeing results. Its for 6 wks and if you follow his instructions you will see results like I have from friends that went to him for natural weight loss. All 3 of my kids see both Dr. Rae & Dr. Vargas and love to get adjusted by both. My 2nd child when she was younger they wanted her to wear those special helmets to correct her flatness she had on the back of her head but Dr. Rae worked on her for weeks. It started to get better and were shocked she didn't need those special helmets. They treat you so well and pay close attention to your concerns. We love going to them and will continue for a long time!

Monica B, Holistic Health Nut

Dr. Rae and Dr. Vargas truly care about their patients. I have been coming here since March and I commute all the way from downtown. I have been to so many doctors trying to get a few medical conditions under control and no one has been able to help me. I even had surgery for some woman issues last year and even the surgery didn't make a dent in how I feel. Dr. Rae and Dr. Vargas go above and beyond for their patients. They take the extra time to listen and really figure out ways to help you. I have noticed a significant difference in the way I feel and was able to put a lot of medication aside, which says a lot, since I've been on certain meds since I was 16. I highly recommend Pro-Hollistic Care, their approach is a very important part of being healthy and really works. Also, Lori at the front desk is also awesome; she will give you the best customer service. Every Tuesday and Thursday she stays late for me just so I can finish my rehab. I feel like I'm at home when I'm there, I've never had that feeling at any other docs office.

Catherine R, Pro-Holistic's Biggest Fan

I have been a patient here for 5 years and I can't believe I'm just now expressing my gratitude and love. My life has changed for the better and I have an increased understanding of my mind and body. I feel like I'm at home when I'm there; I feel comfortable. My first visit was because of an allergy. I had acupuncture for the first time and boom my rash was gone. Months later I was hit by a car while on my bike and really messed up my neck. I did it all: acupuncture, physical therapy, adjustment, gaucha(sp) and I could move again. My neck was so bad that I couldn't play soccer(I played twice a week) and I really couldn't workout. To me that was devastating. I stuck with their protocol and could do the things I loved. My big reason for going was for reproductive reasons. I rarely had a monthly guest and my adrenal glands were not doing what they were supposed to. I was told it would be unlikely to have children( from my obgyn). I have a 14 month old son. I received accu and started getting a period and fixed my adrenals thru supplement and regular adjustment. Months later I found I was pregnant and I felt better. Not sluggish or tired....obviously the tired that comes from pregnancy was unavoidable. I still go and get adjusted with my husband and son. I have complete control of my health and a better awareness of what my body should feel. I'm thankful everyday for knowing Dr. Rae, Dr. Vargas, Monica, Jamie and Mylissa. I know they have gone thru a lot of changes but any new company will strive to be better and help take care of their patients more efficiently. I was there near the beginning and I'm so proud of their growth. I love the way I feel and I don't know what I would have done without ProHolistic care.