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The Pro-Holistic Care Show Episode #6 - Expand your Palate

Episode#6: February 12, 2021 
Welcome to the Pro-Holistic Care show where our goal is to inspire you to live a Happy.Healthy.Fun Life!

Today’s Tip: Expand your Palate around FOOD, FITNESS, AND LIFESTYLE …  This week is all about making a habit of trying different things around your normal routines.
“A paper in the Journal of Experimental Psychology by researchers from six institutions and 4 countries – including Yale University and Harvard Business School – shows that experiencing a variety of emotions is good for our mental and physical health. 

Tips: (We did not create them prior to the video recording)

  1. Expand Food
  2. Expand Fitness
  3. Expand Lifestyle

So if you need any help send us a text to 773-790-3772  or go in the link below and see the special we have in person or via video in our virtual clinic to help you with your pain, nutrition, weight, and wellness and to live a 
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